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Mari  Pezzotti
Librarian & Spanish Teacher
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Spanish 3


1. B.S. in Education 7-12 from Tennessee Technological University.

2. B.A. in Spanish from Tennessee Technological University.

3. M.S. in Library Science K-12 from University of West Alabama


I taught Spanish I, II, & III at RHS from January 1999 - May 2012.

I've been the Librarian at RHS since August 2012 and I'm also teaching one session of Spanish III.


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, USA. 

While in Puerto Rico I enjoyed listening to The Beatles (thanks to my dad who used to serenade us with his beloved albums and his acoustic guitar while we sang along with him).  I also grew up listening to Spanish music and pop rock from the USA, the UK, Australia and other countries around the world.  I also enjoyed dancing ballet and Traditional Spanish Dance for 10 years and I went to a Music School for three years and played the oboe individually and as part of their orchestra.  

I've traveled to different islands that belong to Puerto Rico; including Culebra.  There, I had the unique opportunity to go to a private beach and be part of a US sponsored expedition to study a species of turtles in Culebra. It was great!  I also traveled to Dominican Republic and many places in the contiguous US.  I've seen the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  I've flown over the Bermuda Triangle many times and so far nothing has happened...Thank goodness!!

While in college, I played Tennis and studied French for three years. Then, I transferred to TTU in Cookeville and finished my degrees in Education and language. 

And now here I am, happy living in TN and teaching in the knit community of RHS. Teaching and learning every day...especially learning!