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Mrs. Darcy Soard » Physical Science

Physical Science

Welcome to Physical Science 2019-2020!  I'm excited to have you here.  Physical Science is an introductory science class that encompasses learning segments from chemistry, physics and even biology.  It is very much a "hands-on" class where we will do a number of actual labs as well as virtual labs.
I hope to share my love of science and help you learn "how things work" in this class.

Physical Science Syllabus


Darcy Soard





Course Overview

Physical Science is an introductory high school science class that investigates the fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry with an inquiry-based laboratory experience.  Concepts in Physical Science include Force and Motion, Structure and Properties of Matter, Interactions of Matter and Energy.

Physical Science lays the fundamental groundwork for future advanced science classes at Rockwood High School.

Publication Name, Glencoe Physical Science by Charles William Mclaughlin, 2017 ISBN:978-0-07-677458-6

Publication Name, Glencoe Physical Science, Science Notebook by Douglas Fisher ISBN:978-0-07-896279-0

Required Materials:

·         1” – 2” 3-Ring binder with dividers

·         Loose-leaf college-rule notebook paper

·         Pens/Pencils/Highlighters (student choice of colors/styles)

·         Colored Pencils/Colored Markers/Crayons

·         Scientific Calculator (Dollar Store & Walmart have inexpensive ones)

·         School issued Chromebook with earbuds or headphones

Requested Materials:

·         $10 Lab Fee for purchase of additional materials throughout the year

·         Lysol/Clorox/Store brand disinfecting wipes

·         Kleenex

·         Paper Towels

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Tape/Double-sided Tape/Glue Sticks

·         Metric/US Ruler

Grading Policy

All assignments carry equal weight and will be assigned a point value.  The student’s final grade will be determined by the total number of points divided by the total possible points multiplied by 100% (total/possible * 100%). Roane County Standard grade scale is as follows:

93-100 = A,  85-92 = B,  75-84 = C,  70-74 = D,  F= 69 or below

·         Late assignments will be subject to a loss of points for each day late

·         Students will be given 2 days to make-up missed assignments due to absences.  It is up to the student to make arrangements to complete tests, quizzes and labs with the teacher.

·         Five (5) Points will be deducted for any assignment that does not contain the students name, date and class period in the upper right corner of the page.


Parents and students are encouraged to monitor their grades using the ParentVUE and StudentVUE applications.  Individual log-ins will be provided by the front office


Google Classroom

·         Reference materials and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom

Course Schedule



TN Science Standards

1st 9 weeks 1-3

Scientific Method/Measurements


1st 9 week 4-5



1st 9 week 6-7

State of Matter and Changes


1ST 9 week 8-9



2nd 9 week 1-3

Atomic Structure, Isotopes & Ions


2nd 9 week 4

Periodic Table


2nd 9 week 5-6

Ionic & Covalent Compounds


2nd 9 week 7-8

Chemical Reactions


3rd 9 week 1-2

Nuclear Chemistry


3rd 9 week 3-4



3rd 9 week 5-6



3rd 9 week 7-9



4th 9 week 1-5

Forces and Motion


4th 9 week 6-9

Final Project/Intro to Biology


Classroom Information

  • Students are expected to be seated and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. Unexcused tardy equals detention. Three (3) tardies equal 1 absence.
  • Students will be treated with respect and will be expected to treat the teacher with respect as well
  • No electronic devices will be allowed to be used in class
  • The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell
  • Use the time between classes to go to your locker and use the restroom. Do not ask to be excused when you walk into the classroom.
My daily schedule:
1st Period: Planning
2nd Period: Ecology
3rd Period: Physical Science
5th Period: Physical Science
6th Period: Physical Science
7th Period: Physical Science
8th Period: Physical Science
Mon-Fri: 8:30-9am
Mon, Tue, Wed: 3:15-3:45
Other hours by prior arrangement