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Rockwood High School

Useful Links for Band Students

Quizlet Links


Check your pitch memory


Check to see if you can keep a steady beat or tempo


Check your BPM tempos here


Rhythm and Tempo Trainers


Rhythm Recognition Quizzes



Backing Tracks for Christmas Favorites Book by Sweeney


Links to help with music reading


Mallet and Keyboard practice


Drum Trainer


Brass fingering trainer


Note Attack Download


Flute fingering trainer


Clarinet fingering trainer


Saxophone fingering trainer


Music Racer - learn your notes
Music Tech Teacher - TONS of music games and quizes in many differnt formats such as flash, etc... 
VCU Music Theory
 - Downloadable Music Theory Worksheets!
 - More Java-based music theory practice 

Teoria Music Web - Music theory practice

Online Games for all Instruments                                                              

Sight Reading Game - A great tool to increase your sight reading skills: You can adjust the settings for speed, octaves, ledger lines and etc. 
Oboe Fingering Trainer
 - The best OBOE fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
Bassoon Fingering Trainer
 - The best BASSOON fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
FluteFingering Trainer
 - The best FLUTE fingering trainer there is. Hands down. 
Clarinet Fingering Trainer
 - The best CLARINET fingering trainer there is. Hands down.
 - Free Drum Rudiments, Videos, & Resources 
Vic Firth Drum Rudiments
 - The 40 Standard Rudiments with graphics, audio examples, video etc.

A free Mallet Resource Guide by Yamaha

Free Tuners, Metronome and Countdowns Online                                                                                               
Free Online Stop Watch
Free Online Metronome
 - set the speed, then turn it on     

The 7th String Metronome
Free Online Chromatic Tuner
Tone Generator

Online Guitar Tuner

Musicracer - Test yourself on fingerings: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet, Baritone, etc... Brass Trainer
 - Test yourself on BRASS fingerings: Defaults to trumpet, but you can select different instruments. 
Oboe Fingering Software
 - Download this small program (windows only?) to help with Oboe fingerings
 - Fingerings for all the woodwind instruments 
Flute Fingerings
 - Click the note to display the fingering 
Flute Fingerings
 - Hover mouse over the note to display the fingering 
The Virtual Flute
 - 3 Different ways to learn fingerings Flute Fingerings
 - One of the best flute sites in the world 
Conn-Selmer Fingering Charts
 - Fingering charts for all instruments 
Download-able Flute Fingerings
 - From Gemeinhardt 
Brass Fingering Charts
 - From music teachers network page

Instrument Specific Sites                                                   

Clarinet Study Guide
The Horn Players' FAQ
International Double Reed Society
International Clarinet Association
International Horn Society
International Saxophone Home Page
International Trombone Association (ITA)
International Trumpet Guild
International Tuba Euphonium Association (ITEA)
National Flute Association
North American Saxophone Alliance
Percussive Arts Society
Percussion Information


A Passion for Jazz
All About Jazz
Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc
Jazz at Lincoln Center
Down Beat Magazine
PBS - JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns

Leadership and Character Development                                  

Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success
Quotes to Inspire
Leadership Development
Attitude Concepts - Tim Lautzenheiser's Student Leadership Clinics

Create Your Own Music!